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I read these words posted by Jeremy Ullrsson about 1/2 hour ago as I perused his profile as a new FB friend.

They are from the script of a Tolkien fan movie "Born of Hope" set in the time before the "Lord of the Rings," telling the tale of Arathorn, father of Aragorn.

I have given them the working title of "We the Faithful" because as I read them a tune was demanded.

We came from the water,
It runs through our ancient days,
down the long years to this moment
coursing through our lives
like the bloodline of Kings

A swiftly flowing stream

of memory and sorrow

One drop of water

of blood

and then another

can become a ripple,

a river,

a rising torrent


which in time breaks down all resistance

to flow free once again

on the journey to it's destiny

The remnant of the faithful

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